Mar 05 2015

Pretty Boy Part 3

‘Drill My Hole’ presents the third episode in this exciting hardcore series starring muscle men, Bennett Anthony, Dirk Caber and John Magnum. In the first episode Bennett Anthony is picked up by Dirk Caber and is given cash for sex. Dirk Caber enjoys himself so much he offers Bennett $20,000 to spend the week with him. Bennett jumps at the chance but says the only thing he doesn’t do is kiss.

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Anthony Bennett is a muscular hunk full of colourful tattoos who works exclusively for He has the most amazing red hair and has a matching designer beard. He has sea blue eyes and is five foot eight inches tall. He is an eager top with a six and a half inch cut cock. He keeps in good shape and goes running a lot as well as weight lifting. He has been in eleven movies with so far. His first one was aptly named ‘The New Exclusive Bennett Anthony’, where he got the chance to fuck Johnny Rapid up his tight young asshole. Johnny Rapid is another exclusive to the company. This flick has been seen by over 28,000 horny men so far since its release date, September 2014.
Pretty Boy Part 3
Dirk Caber is a more mature man but in just as good shape as the young Bennett Anthony. Dirk is a versatile man but loves nothing more than sex in slings, with boys hogtied with their tight asses swinging in the air. He has short blonde hair and with a matching beard, and has soft blue eyes. He has a seven inch cut dick and is five foot nine inches tall. He has been in twenty flicks with these include ‘Stepfather’s Secret Part 1’ where, like Bennett Anthony, he gets to fuck Johnny Rapid – and over 90,000 men have seen it so far. This is a popular series, and Dirk has been in all eight episodes, which have been seen by 1000’s of pumped up men of all sorts of ages.
John Magnum is another hunky beefcake who loves to keep himself pumped up with weights, and also loves to go sky diving, a real life action man with the good looks to go with it. He has short cropped blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. It says he is a top, but he enjoys taking a cock up his ass in this hardcore episode. He has an eight inch cut cock and is five foot nine inches. He has been in an amazing thirty three flicks so far which include ‘Crush On The Coach’, where he fucks the sweet tasting ass of Tyler Sweet. This flick has now been seen by over 168,000 members. That’s is incredible, so if you haven’t yet seen it, hurry up and see what all the fuss is about, you won’t be disappointed.
Drill My Hole - Dirk Caber
This episode of ‘Pretty Boy’ starts off with Bennett Anthony coming through the door all smartly dressed. Dirk Caber is impressed and gives him a very expensive watch to go with it. It has come to the end of the week that Dirk has paid 420,000 for. He passes Bennett a glass of champagne and surprises him by telling him that he loves him. Bennett is shocked at first, and then admits that he has fallen in love with him too. Bennett breaks his rule and kisses Dirk on his lips. They get interrupted when someone bangs urgently on their hotel door.
John Magnum rushes in shouting at Dirk caber. He asks if Bennett is the one responsible for him messing up a contract. Bennett stands up for himself and tells Dirk that he should teach his work colleague a lesson for being so rude. Dirk grabs John by the shoulder and pushes him down on to his knees right in front of Bennett. Bennett gets his cock out and rams it in John’s open mouth. John loves the taste of his cock and takes his shirt off. Dirk strokes his naked back and begins spanking his muscled ass, which John loves, and gets even more turned on the harder he smacks him. Dirk then squats down as John bends over and sucks his cock, Dirk sucks on Bennett’s dripping wet erection.
Dirk Caber Porn
They then climb naked onto the bed together where John gets on his hands and knees and gets his tight asshole drilled hard and fast by both men and in different positions. The room fills with the sound of all three men fucking as they send their hot jizz flying in all different directions, covering the hard body of Bennett Anthony.
Dirk Caber decides that he has just had one of the best weeks of his life. I am not surprised!

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