Apr 20 2015

Pretty Boy Part 1

Drill My Hole brings you all of the best and most hardcore videos available just for gaypornstarstube.xxx. Every single one of these videos are available at excellent prices and feature only the hottest men. Even better, these videos feature models that work exclusively for Men.com. One of those stars is Bennett Anthony, who is considered to be one of the “elite eleven” right now, and is also in the following scene.
Bennett really enjoys staying fit, and boy, does it show! From jogging to lifting weights, he’ll do anything to keep his body looking hot. Bennett sports amazing red hair and a well-trimmed beard, as well as standing 5’8″ and weighing in at 174 pounds. He has a firm, muscular, tattooed body and he absolutely loves plowing a nice tight ass with his hard cock, which measures 6 1/2 inches cut. His first exclusive scene for Men.com is titled “The New Exclusive: Bennett Anthony.” In this scene, he has the chance to f**k the hot ass of another member of the “elite eleven,” Johnny Rapid. This scene has proven to be nothing short of an excellent introduction to Bennett, as it has been viewed approximately 27,554 times.

This scene features Bennett playing the role of a hot and horny rent boy on the hunt for some hot action. Putting on a pair of spray-on blue shorts, a white vest, and a blonde wig, he stands next to a tree outdoors and pouts at all of the passing cars as he looks for business. Dirk Caber answers the call, pulling up right next to Bennett and asks him where a certain hotel is located.

Dirk Caber is one helluva hunk of man. Sporting blonde hair, blue eyes, and a salt & pepper beard, he’s a versatile type of guy who not only loves f*****g tight asses, but he also loves taking a hard cock up his ass as well. Dirk gets horny either way, which is definitely a good thing in this line of work. Best known for his appearances in the “Stepfather’s Secret” series, which has been seen by well over 80,000 satisfied viewers in just the first episode alone, he has also appeared in approximately 19 other scenes as well. With Dirk and Bennett appearing together in this scene for the first time, that gives us the great chance of seeing two equally hot men blow their big loads together.

Anyway, back to the scene…Bennett gets into Dirk’s car and tells him exactly which way to go to get to the hotel he’s looking for. As it turns out, it’s a “rich man’s” hotel, and once the two men get inside, Dirk throws a big stack of cash Bennett’s way. Dirk starts out by being open with Bennett, informing him that he is married but will soon be leaving his wife. After a little while longer, Bennett begins literally crawling towards Dirk’s sexy and spread-open legs. Bennett then unbuttons and unzips Dirk’s pants before wrapping his lips around Dirk’s hard and waiting cock. The camera then zooms in as we see Dirk’s cock covered in Bennett’s slippery saliva, all while he massages Dirk’s balls in his hand.

After a while, Bennett begins to get his hard cock serviced deep by Dirk. Dirk goes back and forth from sucking Bennett’s cock to licking his balls, right before Bennett wraps a condom around his stiff dick.

Once he’s ready, Dirk climbs on top of Bennett and slowly lets Bennett’s cock enter his hot asshole. The two men moan in ecstasy as their sweaty bodies move up and down as Bennett pounds Dirk’s ass.

Dirk then lays on his back on the sofa, letting Bennett continue to f**k him. Dirk’s body gets stiff then begins moving again as he jerks his hard cock to the point where he shoots his hot load all over his hairy, sexy body. Bennett then pulls his cock from Dirk’s ass before shooting his own hot load of cum all over Dirk’s body as well.

This is exactly what real porn filming is made of!

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