Apr 04 2015

Central Park Cruising Part 3

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Central Park Cruising Part 3 does not keep you waiting in an effort to create a long storyline or building of the set. It is more of porn action than the hullabaloo. You get a short introductory overview of the scene and the next thing you know, two guys, tough looking and sexy, who were headed home across the park were making out.
The two guys, Dirk Caber and Tom Fault definitely got it going on. They are two stars in the industry that have taken it to a whole new level. Dirk is well known and this makes his 16th shoot for Men.com though he has appeared on many other scenes from other companies. He has stared in Drill my Hole as well as Stepfather’s Secret. Tom on the other hand is at his 35th scene for the company. He is a regular on some of the most captivating scenes of Tour of Duty, Daddy’s Workplace and Swingers. You could say that both stars are good at what they do.

The foreplay starts with the kissing and in a bit, Tom goes down on Dirk and the blow job is definitely worth every view as he sucks on seven inches. Dirk is slightly older and Tom seems to appear younger though he has a tough and firm look. Their age difference is of little concern in this scene. It is all about how they meet and get their groove on.

Dirk is horny and he is not letting Tom off the hook just like that. After the blow job, Dirk grabs on his ass and rims on it like you have never seen. Roles change and it is Dirk getting Tom a blow job and in the moment of pleasure, they 69 for a while to get the heat up. In no time, Dirk gets to ride on Tom’s cock. Each of the men take their turn to ensure their partner gets the pleasure and not just playing the top for one of them.

Every aspect is clear and crazy at the same time. The moaning is followed by each party getting the other to cum almost simultaneously. Central Park definitely has some magic going on and it is well over pleasant.

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