Mar 18 2015

Stepfather’s Secret Part 6

Stepfather’s Secret is probably one of the longest running Drill My Hole series of movies I’ve come across. It’s been going for most of this year and we are now up to part five. I tell you what, lucky old Dirk Caber is getting to drill some really hot twink ass in this series. He’s already worked his way through Asher Hawk, Johnny Rapid and Scott Harbour. But here he gets to mess around with Sam Northman, a cute bottom guy we’ve not seen since March, and the totally cute and dark Trevor Spade.

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I think I raved about Trevor Spade some time back when I saw him in Stepfather’s Secret part 2, that was back in April. He describes himself as a versatile top so I wonder if he’s going to get to drill some daddy ass in this scene. On the other side of the coin, Sam Northman describes himself as a bottom, so I reckon we’re in for some fun spit-roast threesome action, maybe even with two asses being fucked at once.
Stepfather's Secret Part 6
The scene starts with stepdad Dirk Caber getting off on the taste and smell of his charge’s underwear, he finds it as he’s checking out the big old double bed. But then he hears someone coming and dashes to hide, hard and worked up, ready for some action, in the closet. He is almost caught by two of the step-siblings, Trevor and Sam, who are heading into the bedroom for some fun of their own. It’s slim and smooth Sam who gets his dick out first, getting a nice long suck-job from dark and stubbly Trevor Spade. That’s hot enough, but when the guys swap around and we get the sight of Sam going down on Trevor, who stands side on, showing his trimmed pubes and his shaved nuts, that’s almost enough to send us over the edge.
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But don’t forget the boys have a surprise waiting in the closet, dear old stepdad Dirk, who is now spying on them. Well, discoveries happen, Dirk is ‘outed’ and soon this twink-two-way becomes a horny threesome with dad Dirk spit-roasted in the middle between his two twinks, just as we’d hoped. We have one hairy, older dad, with a twink cock at each end, and, interestingly Sam Northman playing a top role, while Trevor Spade gets blown by Dirk Caber across form him on the bed.
Dirk Caber, Sam Northman, Trevor Spade at Drill MY Hole
But these guys try out all manner of ways to pleasure daddy and eventually Trevor gets his chance to fuck the older stud. Needless to say, daddy gets his pleasure all the way through, but particularly towards the end when his two young studs, Trevor Spade and Sam Northman kneel either side and squirt their twink jizz onto his hairy chest. It’s another ball-draining adventure from Drill My Hole and leaves us gagging for part seven.