Apr 10 2015

Stepfather’s Secret Part 8

Johnny Rapid, Asher Hawk, and Trevor Spade: three stepbrothers hanging out at home, doing nothing as usual – not even getting it on. They’re just doing what three cute twinks always do: arguing with each other, throwing things around, just being normal boys. They’re also always talking about the hot sexual action that goes on between the three of them when mom’s out of the house. If you haven’t gathered everything from the title or have never seen the series before, here’s the basis of what’s been happening:
While the three are considered stepbrothers, all three come from different mothers and fathers. So therefore, there’s nothing extremely naughty going on here, if you catch my drift; however, they are all under the charge of Dirk Caber, who, in this series, portrays a stepfather with a wild appetite for tight asses that belong to hot younger men. He’s also versatile and likes getting his own ass played with on occasion. The past seven parts of this series feature one boy after another willingly falling victim to the advances of Dirk, the sex-addicted stepfather. So it’s not hard to tell that when the boys begin talking about sex and Dirk is listening to them, something hot and steamy will soon be taking place.

The three boys confront Dirk and flat out ask him which one of them is better sexually. Dirk finds it impossible to answer the question – without a refreshing of his memory, that is. Thus, the hot scene begins – one hot dad surrounded by three equally hot twinks, all on a leather sofa. Asher begins the scene by sucking Dirk’s hard cock while Dirk reaches out toward Trevor. Of course, Dirk can’t keep his manly hands off of these boys! Johnny then begins sucking Dirk’s cock, but Dirk finds that it’s hard to tell which of his boys has the best lips. So, he gives Trevor a turn at sucking him while Asher and Johnny begin to get naked.

A naked Johnny then gets up on the couch next to Dirk, allowing daddy to suck his hard twink cock. Asher is on the other side of him, hot, hard, and ready to go. Personally, if I were in Dirk’s place, I would want Trevor to go down on me first, and the others would have to wait until later! Now, where was I? Oh, right…Trevor continues to work his stepfather’s hard cock, while Dirk enjoys the hard cocks of both Asher and Johnny, going from one to the other. This leads to a four-way suck-fest, with Trevor being the only one to not have a hard cock in his mouth.

Dirk then begins sucking Trevor while Johnny and Asher look on while playing with one another. At this point, we are only ten minutes into this particular scene and there is plenty more to come. Dirk then begins to take things to the wild side by testing out the asses of all three of his charges. All three are lined up and ready for Dirk to f**k, which he gladly does one by one.

Up next is…well, you’ll have to find out for yourself, now won’t you? However, three hard twink cocks f*****g a hot daddy’s asshole is something we’re sure you won’t forget anytime soon.