Mar 18 2015

Daddy Hunt

Let’s talk about Dirk Caber for a moment. He’s recently been playing the part of horny stepdad in ‘Stepfather’s Secret’, and also one of the dads in ‘Son Swap’, so you would be right in thinking he’s what you might call a classical ‘daddy’. He’s five-nine height, weighs 200 Lbs. and is a blonde, blue eyed Virgo with a seven inch cock. There, that’s about all you need to know to get you started. To experience the real Dirk Caber though you need to see him in action. Such as in this latest release from Drill My Hole, ‘Daddy Hunt.’

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In this scene he stars alongside Jimmy Fanz. (I always want to ask, ‘Are you a Jimmy fan? Where are the fans of Jimmy Fanz?’ But that’s only because I like the play on words.) I am a fan of Jimmy Fanz as it happens, I have seen all of his 13 scenes made for, his first being back in 2012. He’s a versatile bottom with dark hair over most of his body and a face of fuzz that you’d like to get really close to.
drill my hole with Dirk Caber
In this scene he’s neatly shaven and somehow looking younger than the last time we saw him, and he opens the scene looking down and forlorn on a stairway. He’s tired of ‘boys’ and he’s on the lookout for something better, someone older with more experience. So he turns to a Daddy service and there we meet the suited and rather dapper looking, older, Dirk Caber. The two guys meet up and Daddy Dirk wastes no time in getting a good full look at the younger guy who wants some loving. The porn videos men undress a little but Dirk’s dick first appears through the front of his suit pants and Jimmy is down on his knees with the older man seemingly towering over him as he starts to suck daddy cock.
dirk caber and jimmy fanz
He gives it a great long workout before Dirk goes down on Jimmy and gets both his nuts in his mouth, working them around while stroking the younger guy’s shaft. The oral turns to anal play as Jimmy gets a good long rimming from his older man, and then a nice, long, slow ass fucking. Here we’ve got the wide and studly Dirk Caber holding down Jimmy Fanz in the doggy position and ploughing into his smooth, light ass, holding his hips hard and drilling deep as Jimmy’s cock and balls hang low beneath. The action moves to the bed, the guys try out many positions until finally Jimmy lets his juice fly onto his hairy stomach, soon followed by Dirk’s.
dirk caber porn video
This is a good, straightforward older/young guy scene made special by the appearances of Dirk Caber and Jimmy Fanz who, although very experienced and showing exceptional chemistry, have never appeared in a scene together before.